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Bawaslu is a General Election Supervisory Agency is an independent supervisory agency tasked with oversight the administration of general elections throughout Indonesia. Established to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, Bawaslu has a key role in overseeing the entire election process, from the preparatory stage to voting day and the post-election period. In addition, Bawaslu also monitors various aspects such as campaign activities, voter registration, candidate eligibility, election violations, and election administration.


Access to information is now easier with the emergence of various social media service platforms. This easy access to information is used by the community to share the interests of many parties, both positively and negatively. Efforts to herd opinions that are not in accordance with actual facts, opinion “wars” that continue to be debated on social media and information that tends to be tendentious and cornering can be carried out on social media.

Elections for Regional Heads and Legislative Elections for City/District and Provincial DPRD Members, DPD and Presidential and Vice-President Elections will be held simultaneously in 2024. Of course, this democratic party has not been spared from news, opinion and information related to the Pilkada and Presidential Elections which are widely spread on social media and online port. Where, of course, this information is not entirely true, but has already been circulating and viral in society. As a non-ministerial institution that carries out government affairs in the field of election supervision, Bawaslu has an interest in utilizing technology to monitor the dissemination of public information according to the role it plays.


The challenges above make Bawaslu need a service to make the 2024 Pilkada and Presidential Elections successful. BigBox as a data management & analytic platform service provider assists Bawaslu in providing and developing Bawaslu's Intelligence Media Monitoring services. In this project, Intelligence Media Monitoring's built by BigBox is used for monitoring Pilkada & Pilpres 2024.

The Intelligence Media Monitoring capabilities for the Bawaslu project include:

  • Crawler for Social Media (Source, Rules, Data Extraction, Scheduler)
  • Coverage Social (Influencer, Timeline, Location, Sentiment)
  • Emotion Mining With Semantic Analytics
  • Demographic Profiling (Location Detection, Age Detection)
  • Workspace & User Management (Quota, Roles, Log Activities)
  • Dashboard 
  • Issue Recognition & trend Analysis
  • Influencer & Audience Analysis
  • Engagement & Virality Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Intelligence Reporting


By using the Intelligence Media Monitoring service, Bawaslu staff and leaders have experienced various conveniences in managing data and information through social media and online portals, as well as making it easier for stakeholders to obtain information that is widespread on social media and online portals. By using the Intelligence Media Monitoring, now Bawaslu can:

  • Observing the latest and trending issues that spread in society
  • Monitoring sentiment circulating on social media,
  • Open insight into existing conditions related to community alignment (negative/positive/neutral sentiment) and become the basis for making decisions and policies
  • Assist Bawaslu in identifying a problem, capable and responsive in dealing with crises as well
  • Assist Bawaslu in making policies that are right on target as part of its function as an institution that oversees the holding of elections.
Intelligence Media Monitoring assists the Bawaslu team in analyzing issues that occur in online media, websites (news portals), and social media as material for determining strategic steps for Bawaslu.