Attract, retain, and delight customers with personalized experiences informed by a complete understanding of your customers and their shopping journeys.


Retail Transformation, a Business Imperative

Connected customers now define retail and consumer goods winners and losers. With advanced analytics, you can better understand consumer sentiment and behavior. You can personalize the omnichannel shopping experience and tailor localized assortments. You can dynamically change prices and promotions. And you can enable agile fulfillment and supply chains.


Connected Customers

Enable your teams to use connected customer and data analytic to improve engagement, traffic, conversion rates, upsell, and basket sizes.

Connected Supply Chain

Smart retailers rely on connected data from both internal and external demand to continually improve demand forecast accuracy and analytic model precision.

Connected Merchandising

A connected customer merchandising strategy lets you tailor assortment, services and new product development based upon rapidly evolving consumer preferences.

Improve Digital Trust

Build digital trust into your customer experience, comply with data privacy laws, and improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Connected Assets

Connect physical assets like vehicles, cameras, and shelves help improve performance, reduce costs, fraud and wastage.

Connected Assosiates

Use connected customer retail analytics to empower your associates. Use sensors, computer vision, and AI to enable in-store associates to better serve customers.
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