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Unleash the power and value of the data. Optimize supply chains, boost productivity and product quality, protect margins, and support data-driven digital transformation.

Intelligent Solutions for Manufacturers

The most innovative manufacturing companies are applying Industrial IoT concepts and technology to transform product development, supply chains, and manufacturing operations. Learn how connecting smart products, engineering, the factory floor, and customer experience enable you to speed time to market, improve product quality, and scale your business while holding the line on costs.

Key use cases

Connected Products

Connected products enables you to capture data from a variety of sources to see customer feedback and identify manufacturing issues.

Connected Manufacturing

Connected manufacturing is the new gold standard for plant efficiency and productivity. It provides the visibility to predict and prevent equipment failure.

CX Management

Evolve new business models by leveraging big data from private and public domain sensors to boost customer satisfaction and safety.

Order Management

Leverage manufacturing data to reduce working capital and increase customer loyalty by switching to a more accurate view of order effectiveness.

Connected Supply Chain

Smart manufacturers are turning to real-time data, analytics, and machine learning to ensure their supply chains are fully functional and optimized end-to-end.

Product Quality Management

Transform business with a data-driven approach. Capture total supply chain exposure related to supplier product quality issues.
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