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Transform healthcare with analytics and insights fueled by reliable, trustworthy data to boost productivity and efficiency, improve patient/provider engagement, and deliver value-based care.

Data Solutions for Healthcare

Timely access to trusted data and the insights will be the engine for transforming healthcare as we know it. The healthcare ecosystem is in a state of convergence as the industry is leaning towards value-based healthcare focusing on patient outcomes. Leading healthcare organizations are leveraging the data platform to drive AI, NLP, and predictive analytics in order to make better decisions across historical and real-time patient health data.

Key use cases

Healthcare IoT

Data from IoT sensors can then be stored, analyzed, and used to build machine learning models to predict patient outcomes and the next action.


Securing healthcare data by accelerating threat detection as well as investigation and response, through machine learning and complete enterprise visibility.

Machine Learning in Clinic

From enabling NLP to developing algorithms that help identify cancerous, machine learning is poised to fundamentally transform the pharmaceutical space.

CX Management

Evolve new customer experience by leveraging big data from private and public domain to boost customer satisfaction and safety in healthcare.

Translational Research

Use the analysis of the relevant DNA sequences, whether genome, exome and others. Puts that in reach of precision medicine and high confidence biomarker.

Quality of Care Optimization

Empowering physicians, researchers, and others to easily collect, process, secure, and analyze all of this data for evaluating ways to impact patient outcomes.
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