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Data-Driven transformation for Telcos

Connected data platform lets you ingest staggering amounts of data and transform it into actionable insights. We can help you ingest and store data effectively and affordably to achieve 360° views of customers, analyze call records, process billions of events, improve network performance, or launch new services by analyzing sensor data from IoT and connected devices.

Key use cases

Network Optimization

Service providers can gain a real-time view of the network to allocate resources, build dynamic capacity models, predict potential failures, and others.

Security and Fraud Analytics

Increase visibility and unlock the power of advanced telecommunications data analytics to protect your business from cyber threats, fraud, and others.

CX Management

Drive a higher share of wallet by delivering a better customer experience and product personalization and integrating customer information across multiple channels.

IoT/Connected Ecosystems

Provides a platform to unlock new revenue engines and offer compelling new services around IoT and connected digital ecosystems.

Churn Analytics

Provides a platform to ingest, process, aggregate, and analyze telecommunications data analytics streams, in real-time, to predict and prevent churn.

Product Recommendation

Filtering system that seeks to predict and show the items that a user would like to purchase in Telecommunication products accurately.
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