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Drive Value and Efficiency in Insurance

Without access to accurate data, insurers often make decisions based on gut instinct or intuition – creating compliance issues and missing opportunities. Using powerful data analytics engine, insurance firms can remove the uncertainty and see needed insights quickly. Unleash the power and value of the data, from underwriting to solvency ratios, make better decisions, based on fact.

Key use cases

General Insurance

InsurTech is driving insurance companies to explore and leverage new and existing data sources to make the customer safer with preventive analytics.

Life Insurance

Take advantage of data to be better know, understand and provide customers with the right lifestyle-based coverages and financial products for peace of mind.


Equipping underwriters with insights from new IoT device data sources and monitoring or listening to risk variables is critical to profitability and solvency.

Churn Analytics

Use the Big Data technology to understand why customers have stopped using products or services. Make a plan and predict to reduce it.

Customer Behaviour

Manage and present the customer life cycle in real time by identifying customer contact points and transactions to improve marketing and relationships.

Reduce Fraud and Risk

Implementing fraud and insurance crime solutions lets you deliver faster, more flexible solutions to achieve necessary protections and avoid significant losses.
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