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Data-Driven Solutions for Education

Timely access to trusted, reliable data and the data-driven insights that result will be the engine for transforming education institutions. With the proper data management, educational leaders could deliver personalized learning, both in-person and virtually, to a more diverse student body, increase access to education, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and comply with regulatory mandates.

Key use cases

Student Recruitment

Use data to identify, attract and gain commitment from students throughout the application process by sharing programs that align to their abilities.

Track Progress and Gaps

Track the progress by looking at the test scores for both individual students and those county-wide to track achievement and identify need for intervention.

Student Success

Analyze patterns of successful students, and work to drive similar outcomes in the future. Rely on data before turn into larger problems that could cause them to drop out.

Modernize Education Analytics

Turning a traditional campus into a digital campus by enhancing and developing research and analytics capabilities with the adoption of Big Data technology.

Facility Management

Cost-effectively manage and maintain educational facilities with sensor data, gaining insight into everything from energy consumption to school bus routing.

Personalized Experience

Use data to to determine staffing needs and build virtual support for students who access education outside of the traditional four-year degree path.
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