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Create safe, secure, and governed data lakes with a protective ring around your data, wherever it’s stored & processed, from object stores to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) including authentication, authorization, and governance support.

It is GUI-based dashboard for Big Data infrastructure management and monitoring that can be accessed via a browser, which functions to monitor jobs activity, resources, availability, user management, access management to data objects, node, cluster or multicluster management, resource and load management (Workload Management), monitor jobs activity. It also can be configured and integrated with email servers to get notifications in the form of emails that at least include job activity, resources and availability, system error/warning.It also enables business users to be able to do all types of complex data processing and analysis while interactively explore the data to discover new patterns and trends in one place. It also has centralized management configuration, multi-cluster management, and rollback configuration based on a certain time. It also has capacity planning feature to configure hadoop cluster size

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