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PT. Pertamina Tbk : Breakthrough in Digital Transformation by Leveraging Big Data to Drive Business Decisions and Real-Time Monitoring of Oil Distribution Across Indonesia


Pertamina is the largest energy sector holding company that reaches all corners of the country and is the only Indonesian company included in the 2021 Fortune Global 500 list. The company manages an average of 1 million barrels of fuel sales per day with more than 15 million transactions. Pertamina commits to becoming a World-Class National Energy Company in providing, managing, and developing new and renewable energy to bolster the national security and self-sufficiency that drives national growth and various regions abroad.


Amid digital era competitive competition, industrial and business sectors need to increase their competitiveness to be relevant and survive. Technology is not just a tool, and it can support behavior change, including in the oil and gas corporation. Pertamina launched a digitalization program for gas stations (SPBU) across Indonesia to improve services and ensure fuel distribution runs effectively and efficiently.

Digitization of gas stations is a real-time, transparent, and detailed monitoring system for fuel sales and distribution at each gas station to improve service and operational standards. Through this program, Pertamina can monitor fuel stocks, sales, payment transactions and manage subsidized fuel distribution at the gas stations throughout Indonesia.


Currently, Pertamina has integrated more than 5,518 gas stations across Indonesia and handles more than 90 TB of data annually (3.2 billion data records). To build the capability, Pertamina uses BigBox as their Big Data platform to integrate various IoT data. It includes timing when the customer lifts the petrol nozzle, select types of petrol, and the amount of its pumped. Thus, it helps resource scheduling, tracks the number of fuels in the gas station tank, and provides information to various stakeholders, parties, and authorities in a unified management dashboard. Data on fuel sales from thousand gas stations are sent every 5 minutes into the system to be analyzed and displayed in the dashboard within 1-hour since the customer fills the fuel.

Pertamina also uses BigBox to manage massive volumes of data faster to get information about gas station profiles and real-time transactions to predict gasoline needs before scarcity occurs. This capacity supports Pertamina to create breakthroughs in making policies and decisions to achieve energy sovereignty throughout the country.


Pertamina utilizes Big Data as an operational database and data flow pipeline to present and analyze data in real-time, as well as assisting complex data processing in achieving the following impacts:

  • More Transparent
    By managing data from upstream to downstream in a unified management dashboard, Pertamina can track the number of subsidized fuels sold compared to non-subsidized ones. It will ensure that subsidies are processed accurately for resource allocation at the national level that was previously impossible to track. It helps BPH Migas monitor and collects data on all volumes of PSO and non-PSO fuels distributed via gas stations.
  • Improve Accuracy
    The more real-time granular data, the more accurate. Using the Big Data platform, fuel sales data at every gas station in Indonesia will stream into an integrated system to reduce human errors. Incomplete data and manual reporting also turn into the digital information system that captures consumers' behavior at the national level. Through this, Pertamina succeeds in increasing the data accuracy rate by 99%
  • Predict Fraud
    Transparent, real-time, and accurate data management can reduce the risk of fraud to ensure the subsidized fuel distributes well. This capacity helps Pertamina track fraud faster and easier.

The digital transformation strategy using Big Data technology is one of Pertamina's breakthroughs to accelerate the vision of becoming a World-Class National Energy Company.

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The digitalization of gas stations boosts all aspects. We can identify the product positions per tank, per gas station. If before we could not predict Pertamax and Pertalite scarcity, now we can track and send supplies before it occurs in every gas station. We are also able to monitor stocks at the fuel oil terminal in real-time. It includes seven Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) gas stations, as an auto-replenishment Pilot Project that integrates with Boyolali, Rewulu, and Pengapon fuel oil terminals.

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